The Labor Party Is Looking to Appoint an Ombudsman For Gambling

Consumers will benefit from the regulatory plans proposed by the Labor Party, and the industry will not suffer as a result.

The United Kingdom Labor Party is actively trying to fill the position of ombudsman that oversees the gaming sector with a new candidate. In a recent speech that he delivered at the think tank Demos, Deputy Leader Tom Watson explained the necessity for an official to regulate the business by citing incidents that demonstrate the industry’s “predatory” practices. Thefts of bets amounting to millions of pounds in total were highlighted as being one of the scandals that occurred.

According to Watson, the proposal from the party would be introduced simultaneously with a whole new Gambling Act. Read more on ACCA bets at Larrik In Love. It is hoped that this will result in a reduction in the number of problem gamblers and also in the introduction of more stringent laws that will discourage gambling companies from engaging in “dirty deals.” The use of credit cards to place bets will no longer be permitted under the new regulations, as it is believed that problem gamblers are more likely to incur debt when using credit cards.

All of this transpires in the wake of an investigation into the sector for its practice of displaying deceptive advertisements. The previous year saw the blocking of advertisements that enticed users to gamble on games by offering free money to customers. Many of those advertisements were found to be misleading because they made claims or recommendations that were not true. For example, they provided questionable “money back guarantees” and other similar claims.

Now, this is not to imply that the majority of people who gambled were affected by these dishonest marketing or incentives in any way, shape, or form. Many people who have prior experience with betting and gaming are aware of where they may find gaming that is both honest and safe now that the practices have been legalized in the UK for some time. You may get guides to online games at trustworthy slot and casino platforms, and betting sites can only be trusted if they display proper security and fairness certificates. Slot, along with top RTP Slots and casino platforms are good places to look for guides to online games according to articles written by the Duff Zone.

Even if many people who are inclined to gamble are aware of these things, the Labor Party is of the opinion that the current working framework of the UK Gambling Commission is ineffectual when it comes to defending the interests of customers. In essence, what Watson and the Labor Party are after is increased openness on the terms and circumstances of employment. The player should now have a better understanding of the risks they are taking, what they are investing into each gamble, and what they could potentially win as a result of those wagers. It is expected that the nominated ombudsman would become a member of the UK General Counsel and work in conjunction with the National Health Service if such a post were to become a reality. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the National Health Service would then work together to ensure that gambling companies in the United Kingdom are operating ethically and that the potential harm caused by their platforms is kept to a minimum.

Although there is a possibility that this might spell the end of the gambling business in the UK, it is still extremely unlikely that this would happen. It is estimated that the gambling business in the UK supports more than 40,000 employment and contributes approximately 2.3 billion to the country’s GDP. Therefore, any effort to make gambling illegal in the United Kingdom would be met with significant amounts of hostility. Despite the stringency of these new laws that have been proposed by the Labor Party, their sole purpose is to safeguard customers and, with any luck, make the competitive landscape of the existing market as level as it can be.

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