How to clean the washing machine properly

Electrical appliances in the home need to be maintained properly and properly purchased for home use should read the manual and study how to use it to understand in detail because it will help Extend the lifespan of electrical appliances to last longer

Today we will look at how to clean a washing machine in the right way.

Did you know that for washing using detergent including good quality fabric softener as you might think can clean the cloth well And that smell, in fact, does not help the laundry. free from various pathogens how many especially microorganisms

because of neglect The washing machine is not cleaned for a long time The washing machine will become like The accumulation of various germs themselves and may also lead to clogging. according to the pipe area

How to clean the washing machine

  1. Power socket

before cleaning should make sure that The power plug has been pulled out. This is the first and most important thing.

If you forget to unplug When disassembling some parts to clean or bring your hand to touch any part may be electric shock and is lethal to life

  1. Clean the outside of the washing machine.

by using disinfectants Pour onto a clean, dry cloth. Wipe the entire area of ​​the machine. both the front and back, including the cover, all joints

including cleaning in the area where the machine is located. Because that area will have dust or small debris. and other impurities under the machine

  1. Clean the inside of the washing machine.

Plug in the washing machine and adjust the spinning speed at the strongest level Fill the tank with water until it is full, then put the washing machine detergent into it.

If not, maybe use about 2 glasses of vinegar along with 1 cup of baking soda and blend until the time is up. Or you can spin another round.

by washing machine detergent or vinegar to help get rid of dirt including dust that remain in the device until all

When finished, drain the water, fill the tank with water and spin one more cycle to rinse the solution. Including any dirt that may still be left out

  1. When spinning clean water until the cycle is complete

Then drain the water, unplug the power plug completely, then wipe the inside of the machine with a clean cloth until it is dry. Leave the washing machine lid open.

Or, if you can, maybe bring the washing machine to freshen the air outside the house. to help release moisture including the smell of vinegar (In case you don’t use washer cleaner)

After drying and no smell gradually brought back to the original position

With just this simple method, your washing machine It will last longer. and can clean the clothes you love always clean

Only you I have to keep cleaning the washing machine regularly as well.

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